Headphones too loud for your recorder?
Listen to your receiver and record the
audio at the proper level at the same time

Splitter & Leveler
Perfect for communications receivers
and shortwave radios--requires no
external power or batteries.
Quite a handy device.
Additionally, a 10-pin dual row header
can be used to interface to any other
external devices to send or receive
$7.00 each
Low Freq Xtals to Checkout?
The Low Frequency Crystal Checker will verify operation of
crystals in the 32 kHz to 175 kHz range. Operates on a
9 volt battery and shows crystal operation via a blinking
yellow indicator. Trim adjusts loading from 10 to 30 pfd.
.00 each
$39.00 each
The unit provides a 1/4 inch phone
jack pass-thru and 1/8 inch phone jack
pass-thru from the 1/4 inch input.  
Two independent controls adjust the
level to each of two phono jacks and a
1/8 inch phone jack.  
Can be used in reverse by inputting
audio on the phono or 1/8 inch jacks.  
Very versatile.
Keeps surface mount parts in one place on
the workbench. The perfect tool to keep
tiny parts from getting lost while
hand-building or troubleshooting pc board
Small parts gotcha frazzled ?
Detail shows internal circuit board
construction and layout of the Low
Frequency Crystal Checker
Copyright by Stackley Devices, LLC
A Big Help When Soldering Connectors!
Get a Big Help for an extra hand
when soldering any type of
connector onto cable ends.
Whether you are working on
headphones, microphones or coax,
Big Help is there to make the job
go smoother.
(solder not included)
$15.00 each
Remote-Outlet Mini has one outlet along with a Manual ON
Override switch which powers the outlet immediately.
12 VDC control standard - Tally / Indicator output optional.
Pulling Plugs?   Flipping Switches?
Remote Control Your Shack AC Devices with Remote-Outlet
See All the Available Remote-Outlets at www.Remote-Outlet.com Now
$109.00 each
Call: (609) 647-9677