- USBkeyboardinterface measures approx: 2.5 in. X 4 in.
- Includes what you see above, plus a USB A-B cable.
- Easy screw-down barrier strip wiring interface.
- Requires 12 VDC operating voltage (wall cube works OK).
- Specify any 6 keyboard keys for control.
- No software required.
- Uses the generic USB drivers present in operating system.
- Works on PC (Win 98 or higher) or Mac (OS 9 or OS X).
- Requires external contact closure between 2 barrier strip    
terminals to simulate a keyboard key press.
- Typical use is in computer automation systems where
certain keys must be pressed to perform a function.
- You only need to buy the hardware ONCE - device can be
re-programmed at the factory if requirements change.
- Complete installation instructions included.
- Call Joe at (609) 647-9677 with questions, or send an email
to us. We can help make the installation go smoothly.
Model USBKEY6-UP:  $349
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